Covid Policy

Hello dear Lismore Toy Library members!

Its been a while but, now that the Lismore Library has opened its doors, we can soon welcome you back into the toy library. We will be trialling a new system so we can keep COVID-safe, to be reviewed in August and at the end of Term 3. Please read on so that you can start safely enjoying the toy library again soon.

Please feel free to give feedback, either at the toy library or via email. We would appreciate your patience as we go through some changes in how the library operates, in response to this challenging situation. The committee has researched and deliberated on how we can all enjoy our toys, with our available resources, while keeping safe. 

While these measures may seem restrictive, please rest assured that we want to support you to access toys. If you are running late, we wont turn you away, but you may have to wait to enter the library until others have left.


Opening Days

In order to quarantine the toys, we have decided to open every one-and-a-half weeks. We understand this is limiting the access somewhat to the toy library but felt we should give access on both working days and weekends. The opening dates are:

Sat 25th July

Tue 4th August

Sat 15th August

Tue 25th August

Sat 5th September

Tue 15th September

Sat 26th September


Opening Times

9.30am-12 Noon

These are extended times. Volunteers are requested earlier and later than this (see below).


How to Book an Appointment

We request and urge members to book a time to come in via Mibase. All members will shortly receive an email with their Mibase login details. There are 2 slots for every 15 minutes. Please:

·         login to Mibase

·         go to Appointments

·         click on Show Appointments under the time slot you want

·         click on Book to book that appointment

If you are not able to book online, send us an email and we can book you into a suitable time.


Cleaning Toys

Please thoroughly clean all toys before you return them, as usual.  There will be a cleaning station set up in the toy library for use if necessary, but movement of members through the library will be more efficient if toys are returned already cleaned.


Quarantining Toys

Returned toys will be put aside on a trolley, which will be set aside for at least 10 days, before being returned to the borrowing shelves.


Visiting Lismore Toy Library

There will be a few changes on how you move through the building:

•    On the ground floor of the Library building you will be required to scan your library card or leave your name and phone number. This is for contact tracing, in the event of a community infection.

•    Members are requested to use hand sanitiser or gloves, both of which will be available at entry.

•    Toy Returns will be set up at the front of the Toy Library.

•    Toy Borrowing will be set up at the back of the Toy Library. 

•    The new exit is through the fire exit (to the left of the toilet door).

•    Only 3 people are allowed in the back room (off the corridor) at any one time. Please be patient with your fellow members, as you may have to wait to access toys. 

•    If the toy library has reached capacity, we may have to ask you to wait until some people leave.  Making bookings will help to limit the number of members present at any one time.

•    If you can come without your children, then we encourage you to do so. If you need to bring your children, that is fine; we still want you to come and participate!

•    Please observe social distancing (1.5m between people who are not in your household).


Borrowing Period and Number of Toys

We are extending the borrowing period to 6 weeks. You will still have the opportunity to extend your loans through the Mibase software online. You may also borrow up to 10 toys at a time, to allow more variety.


Volunteer Requests

We welcome you back for shifts! Please sign up for Term 3 through the volunteer roster as normal, although the times will be different. 

•    The shifts are longer, to cope with extra demands on the opening times and in order to clean and prepare (9am to 1pm).

•    If you want to do a shorter shift, then you can book a half-shift:
– 9am – 11am, or
– 11am – 1pm

•    Volunteers are still needed for 2 x 2-hour shifts, or 1 x 4-hour shift.

•    We are writing up volunteer roles about cleaning, etc. which we will forward to you and have posted up for reference.  While change can create confusion, we hope that we can simplify the work as much as possible. 

•    If you need to bring your children, then still come along! Please keep them in the front room.


General Notes

•   If you (or your children who are coming) are unwell, then please stay home.

•   In the event that there are local COVID19 infections, announcements about responses will be made.

•   Please contact us via email on with any other queries.  Please allow 2-3 days for a response.

•   Lismore Library information about using the building: